Khovd University

Why khovd

Khovd aimag is situated in the far West of Mongolia and shares a border with the Peoples Republic of China. Its highest point is Munkhkhairkhan peak at 13,793 feet (4204 m) above sea level, whereas its lowest point is Altain Bor tsonj at 3694 feet (1,126 m) above sea level. 20 percent of the territory is semi-desert and steppe.

The aimag is rich in historical and cultural sites as well as in beautiful nature. This includes canyons, rivers, waterfalls, sacred trees, archeological sites and other stunning landscapes. The aimag is rich in flora and fauna, which many unique species found only in this region. In the high mountains this wildlife includes wild sheep, ibex, and snow leopards. Marmots live in the meadows, whereas bears, foxes, boars, ermines, lynxes, wild cats, and rabbits live in the forests. There are also various species of birds in the province such as condors, eagles, bearded vultures, upband burrards, hawks, snowcocks and kites.

With a population of 89,900, Khovd province is home to a diverse range of ethnic groups, including Khalkh, Zakhchin, Torgoud, Kazakh, Ould, Mingad, Durvod and Uriankhay. There are many cultural differences between the different Mongolian ethnic groups in Khovd province, where numerous ethnographic studies have taken place.

It is the most visited aimag in western Mongolia and the most popular place for tourists west of Khovsgol Nuur, mainly because it's a good place to start a tour of Western Mongolia.

Khovd aimag is divided almost in half by the Mongol Altai Nuur range; away from the mountains the land is a barren semi-desert dotted with salt lakes and smaller mountains. The melting snow from the mountains recharges the water table every spring, providing Khovd with more than 200 fast-moving rivers (and dozens of lakes), none of which has an outlet to the sea. All the rivers simply disappear beneath the sands or run into large saltwater marshes, which serve as giant evaporating ponds.
The mix of desert rock, salt lake, snowy peaks and Kazakh culture makes Khovd one of the most beautiful and appealing aimags in Mongolia.