Khovd University

Welcome by the president

Outline of Khovd State University’s Development Program
As the Director of Khovd University, it is my pleasure to outline this overview of the University’s five-year plan. We plan to develop Khovd State University via a daring and energetic management and leadership agenda that incorporates innovative thinking for the new century
Khovd State University will be developed as the leading university of the Altai region and as a competitive university in both Mongolia and throughout Asia. The University will innovatively reform the activities of both students and teachers. This will include:
- Training: The University will stimulate and encourage students, teachers, and researchers so that they may acquire the information they need to expand their knowledge, critical thinking, innovation, and creativity in as many ways as possible. The university will realize a system for stimulating and encouraging the scientific writings of students and create new pathways to facilitate their publication.
- Research: The University will conduct research based on industry needs and bring opportunities to provide more workplace experiences for students. The companies and organizations that are financing this research will be provided with the opportunity to prepare highly educated and qualified employees with detailed knowledge of their industry.
- Partnerships: Partnerships between the University and industry are widespread and have become essential to provide hands-on experience. The University will collaborate with both established and developing companies in Khovd, as well as those in other provinces of the Western region of Mongolia and abroad. We will take advantage of all opportunities to develop scientific research.
- Foreign relations: Our current relationships will expand to new levels. Traditional relationships will be strengthened, and cooperation with foreign universities will expand.
- Facilities and Human Resources: The University will establish joint schools, laboratories, and research centers with highly-developed foreign universities. It will seek opportunities to raise the reputation of the university not only in Mongolia, but also in the rest of Altai region as well, increasing the number of students, faculty, and staff.
- Exchanges: to increase the number of foreign students and visiting faculty by raising the University’s profile, both within Mongolia and abroad.
- Marketing: to devote marketing and other resources to help raise the reputation, perception, and ratings of the University.
- Grants and Financing: We will provide scholarships and grants via international organizations and private businesses. We will offer additional finances to increase the number of students preparing to work in occupations that match the demands of regional development. The University will use varied sources to reach our financing goals. A system of financing will be developed to do research work into technology transfer, putting an invention into production and distributing the benefits effectively.
- Health: The University will promote the concerns of health, nutrition, job-satisfaction, and goodwill by encouraging and supporting sporting events and other activities beneficial to individual health. All social goodwill activities will be encouraged.
- Environment: The external and internal conditions of the University will be improved. The environmental surroundings will be green via new parks. Green technology, including wind and solar power, will become a significant source of electricity.

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