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The student's self-governing organization or Student's Union of KhU is a member organization that conducts its activities within the framework of the Mongolian Student's Union. It has 2200 members. The governing council of the KhU Student's Union consists of 21 students. The union protects the rights of interests of all the students and constantly organizes multi-lateral arts, sports, formation and research activities for students in order to improve their learning and social efforts.
At the beginning of a new academic year, a schedule for all the arts, sports, cognitive, cultural and public olympiads and competitions to be organized among the students is written and adhered to. The schedule includes the activities to be held at the department, faculty, university and provincial levels, such as "Altan nutag" arts and sports festival held among freshmen; sports championships of depart¬ments, faculties and the university for volleyball, basketball and national wrestling; sports and arts festival of the students and the youth of the colleges and universities in the western region and cognitive, publicity, sports and arts contests at celebrations.
In addition, professional olympiads are organized for over 20 training majors annually at the university in order to support and develop students’ abilities and to determine if the professional preparation level of the students of our university is at a comparative standard to other colleges and universities. Our teams consist of outstanding students who participate in the nationwide olympiads, competitions and contests of colleges and universities. The teams of our mathematics, ac¬counting and Chinese language major students regularly succeed in the nationwide olympiads.
The teams of aerobics and track and field events won silver and bronze medals in the Mongolian student's sports festival in 2009. Also, the team of students who participated in the state accounting olympiad won second place; many similar successful competitions could be mentioned.

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