Khovd University

Faculty honors

  In the university there are two Mongolian State honored teachers, five teachers awarded with the Order of Polar Star and four teachers awarded with the Labor honorary medal. The titles of professor and associate professor of KhU have been granted since 2007 and presently 7 professors and 5 associate profes¬sors are working at the university. Five Mongolian honored teachers and over 50 Doctors of Philosophy and science have been obtained by the teachers who were and are working at the university. Over 20 graduates of the university have defended PhD degrees.
  There are a number of inventions and discoveries named after university professors. Among them the snout beetles of Duut (stephancleonus claterisis. T.B. S. organteus T.-M) discovered by Prof. S.Dorj occupies a special place. It is an endemic insect of western Mongolia classified under the coleop-tera group insect class. At the time, Prof. S.Dorj modestly remarked that "these were a big find in our field of research".
  Another notable achievement ws Professor S.Myagmarsuren new work titled "A method of a pair of chagtaga (a rope securing the roof) to level out the vision of a Mongolian ger". His research on Mongolian traditional technology led to a new patent.
  Prof. D.Oyunchimeg, a professor in the Biology department, carried out a major study on the plant kingdom of the Western region of Mongolia. creating a plant fund with over 10000 dried specimens of plants. This is not only the one of the biggest plant funds in the university but also one of the largest in Mongolia.
  Professor Kh.Terbish conducted research on Mongolian amphibian reptiles and exhibited them in the training museum of KhU and the museum of Khovd province for the first time. He also included a new group of species in the classification of these animals.
  Assoc. Prof. G.Jamiyan's explanation of the nature of the sign "udaan" (means as long, slow) of Tod Script, according to the regularity of Oirat Dialect, was evaluated and highly regarded by international scientists and scholars.
  Mongolian honored teacher, Assoc. Prof. B.Tserenjav conducted research on the issues of the refine¬ment of training technology and created the technology for “creating knowledge via a special system of problems and exercises" which was very significant in refining the technology of mathematics training.
  It is known throughout the country that professors D.Batchuluun and B.Tserenjav, as well as professors Ch.Dashzeveg and Kh.Tsedev contributed to the development of educational systems, namely to the work of elaborating the methodology of definite subjects.
  In the last decade the university has conducted a great deal of research on educational systems, sociology, humanitarian studies, and ethnography and culture and has published over 60 volumes of research. For example. there are over 1000 books and treatises and over 50 audio and video records of oral dialects in "The fund of the folk and written scripts of Mongolians", which was created as a result of many years of research enriched year by year by the university’s domestic resources.
  KhU scholars' research works "Altai-1 and 2" on the history, customs and traditions of the people in the Altai region are the largest and most complex studies done in the region on these fields.
  The university scholars twice conducted major complex studies on the socio-economy of the western region; they are important sources for the developmental policy of the western region.

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