Khovd University

Graduate program

Graduate Programs at Khovd University are organized by the Administration of Graduate Studies, established in 1999. Graduate Programs include MS degrees, MA degrees, PhD degree programs and the programfor pedagogical training. Master's programs are 2 or 2.5-year programs leading to a Master’s of Science(M.S.) or Masters of Arts (M.A.). Though some departments have only the option of a Master’s with thesis, and some de­partments offer correspondence Master's Programs with a thesis. Doctoral programs lead to a PhD degree.

The formal admission for a Master's program is successful completion (at least with 78 grade points)of undergraduate study of four years (eight semesters) from a recognized tertiary institution. Master'sprograms consist of coursework (core subjects, compulsory and elective courses) and research. Master's students should obtain at least 30 credit points in coursework and write thesis for the M.A/ M.S. degrees.The duration of the Master's program is three to four semesters for full time study and four to five semestersfor correspondence discipline. We offer the following 10 full-time and 8 correspondence programs to thestudents accepted for M.S and M.A to our graduate study.


- History                          E311400 (full time/correspondence)
- Mongolian language     E220200 (full time/correspondence)
- Literatures criticism       E220600 (full time/correspondence)
- English, linguistics        E220101 (full time)
- Russian, linguistics       E220105 (full time/correspondence)
- Chemistry                     E442100 (full time/correspondence)
- Biology                         E420200 (full time/correspondence)
- Geography                   E442800 (full time/correspondence)
- Pedagogy                     E140000 (full time/correspondence)
- Physics                        E440100 (full time)

    KhU started its doctoral program in 2003. Students who hold M.A or M.S de¬grees are allowed to study in the PhD courses. PhD programs consist of course¬work and research. Students who have obtained 60 credit points and successfully defended their research dissertations will be awarded with a PhD degree. The duration of the PhD programs is three to four years or at least six semesters for full-time study. There are 3 programs offered as follows:

- Mongolian language and Literature criticism    F220200
- Biology                                                              F420200
- History                                                               F311400

Up until now, we have graduated approximately 300 graduate students with M.S, M.A and PhD. degrees.
Program for Pedagogical Training: The Administration of Graduate Studies also held pedagogy training for non-teacher specialists such as engineers, accountants, economists, veterinarians and lawyers. In the peda¬gogical training program (organized from 2003 to 2008) 63 citizens of various non-teacher specialists were involved and they obtained teaching certificates.
Objectives and activities: The administration of Graduate Studies intends to realize and reflect the policies, decisions and resolutions from the state, government, and central organization of education in the rules and fundamental documents for graduate study immediately. According to the new rules of Gradu¬ate study ratified from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, graduate students should be examined in their foreign language and be tested for proficiency.
We intend to expand our training activities and develop training modules for teaching disciplines. Our current objectives are to increase the level of training quality for graduate studies, to intro¬duce information technology and new forms of training such as distance training and to improve publicmonitoring.